During recent years, people have switched to smart thermostats to control their HVAC system remotely. Not only do these devices have a modern look, they are also efficient and convenient. Furthermore, they help you save more when it comes to energy bills. Here are five tasks that a smart thermostat can perform for your Melbourne, FL home.

Lower the Energy Cost

The reason why most people switch to a smart thermostat is for the energy savings. With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can save 20 percent, possibly more, on cooling and heating costs because it programs your HVAC system to run using your daily schedule.

If you are off to work, for example, a one of these thermostats will readjust the setting until you return home. Furthermore, a smart thermostat can help you tweak your schedule for optimal energy savings.

Help Provide Peace of Mind

With a manual thermostat, your HVAC system could break down while you are at school or at work – and you would have no clue until you arrive home. During these hours, it might be challenging to find an HVAC firm that will offer repair services.

However, with a smart thermostat connected to your smartphone, you can receive a notification alerting you of a possible HVAC system issue. This will let you contact Coastal Climate Experts for repair services during regular working hours.

Besides emergencies, a smart thermostat can keep you updated on when to perform regular HVAC system maintenance. This will go a long way towards protecting your HVAC system from future breakdowns.

A Smart Thermostat Can Provide You With Energy Use Details in Real-Time

With certain smart thermostats, you can have all your energy details readily available via the web or smartphone app. With this device, you will see not only the temperature details but also the amount of energy used. Thus, you can easily calculate the amount of money used during a specific period.

Installing a smart thermostat will add energy efficiency to your home. Contact Coastal Climate Experts to get all the information you need about our smart thermostats.

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