Florida’s Space Coast is a beautiful place to live, but summer heat waves can make keeping your cool a challenge. That becomes even more difficult if your air conditioner isn’t working at an optimal level. The good news is you don’t have to settle for ineffective and inefficient cooling. Try these three simple strategies for a cooler, more comfortable Satellite Beach, FL home this summer.

Invest in Insulation

Many people mistakenly believe that insulation is only useful in colder climates. The reality is that a well-insulated home also helps keep heat out and cool, conditioned air in. In fact, even basic insulation can reduce ceiling temperatures by nearly 20 degrees on hot, sunny days. Because of its significant impact and affordable price, adding insulation is an extremely cost-effective way to improve cooling performance.

Keep Your System Well-Maintained

Even if your AC is new and highly efficient, it may struggle to cool your home without proper care. Routine wear and tear degrades performance, eventually leading to poor comfort, more costly operation and even air conditioning repairs. Scheduled professional maintenance prevents many of these issues, keeping your system running in peak condition and saving money. Simply replacing your air filter regularly can save as much as 15 percent on cooling. Staying current with other important maintenance tasks can help you save even more.

Schedule a Professional Air Balancing

Effective cooling means creating comfortable, consistent conditions throughout every area of your home. If your home is plagued by inconsistent temperatures and hot and cold spots, the solution is air balancing. Simply put, air balancing is the process of testing and adjusting the flow of air throughout your HVAC system. Properly done, balancing can eliminate inconsistencies and ensure your entire home is kept cool and comfortable.

The next time your air conditioner struggles with the heat in Satellite Beach, Florida, don’t simply turn the thermostat down further. Consider these affordable investments to ensure you’re getting the cooling performance you expect. For more solutions to help beat the heat, check out Coastal Climate Experts’ air conditioning services or call (321) 795-0422.

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