Do you find that rooms in your Palm Bay, Florida, home aren’t the same temperature? If some rooms or areas of your house are either too hot or too cold, consider having your home HVAC zoned to increase the comfort for you and your family. Here are a couple of benefits you’ll receive with home zoning.

Individual Control for Each Room or Areas

HVAC zoning is a system that works with smart thermostats, the ducting system, a central control panel, and your HVAC system. Dampers, installed in the ducting, open and close when told to via the smart thermostat that’s in each room or zone. If someone in the house likes a warmer or cooler room, they can set the thermostat to their desired temperature.

When the temperature reaches the scheduled setting, the thermostat sends a message to the control panel to open the damper assigned to that room to allow warm or cool air only to that area. Each room or area will have its own thermostat, so the person in the room can control the temperature to their comfort level.

Reduced Energy Bills

If your home has several levels or far-reaching rooms, it’s difficult to warm the rooms evenly. Hot air rises, so the upper levels are hotter than the lower levels. Trying to heat a cold lower room gets expensive as the warm air keeps going upward toward the already warm upper rooms.

If you have rooms that no one is using, there is no reason to send heat to that room, it just wastes energy. Have the thermostat in unoccupied rooms set to a lower temperature than the rest of the house so you’re not wasting electricity warming an area that doesn’t need it. By only heating rooms that need warmth and by not overheating or underheating other rooms, you’ll save money on your energy bills.

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