Trips to the grocery store, gift wrapping, and, of course, thorough cleaning of your home are probably on your holiday to-do list. However, if that list doesn’t include getting your HVAC system and dryer ducts cleaned, you could be endangering yourself and your visitors. Dryer ducts and HVAC systems that are clogged might cause a variety of issues in your house. Dirty, polluting air, inefficient air conditioning and dryers, and even the potential of hazardous fires are all possibilities. It’s as simple as arranging regular cleanings for your HVAC system and dryer duct to avoid these problems! Continue reading to find out why these two items should be at the top of everyone’s Christmas must-do list.

Prevent a House Fire
Each year, almost 3,000 dryer fires are reported in the United States. There are five deaths on average, 100 injuries, and more than $35 million in property damage due to these incidents. It’s not enough to clean your dryer on your own; you’ll most likely end up cleaning the inside of your dryer if you don’t hire a professional. While this will assist in keeping your garments clean and fresh, it will not provide much protection against fires.
Regular, professional dryer duct cleanings are essential for keeping your home, dryer, and family safe. These are vital all year, but they are especially critical during the holidays.

You most likely have visitors or perhaps guests staying at your home. When you’re busy over the holidays, you’re also more likely to overlook vital activities like having your dryer duct cleaned. Schedule your dryer duct cleaning ahead of time to get ready for the holidays before the rush. That way, you’ll have one less thing on your holiday to-do list to worry about.

Enjoy Cleaner Air
When visitors come around, you keep the kitty litter clean and hide the stinky sports equipment. To fill your home with festive scents, you light candles. You clean your carpet to get rid of old odors and to make your home smell new.

However, if your HVAC system isn’t cleaned regularly, the air in your home will not be as fresh and clean as it should be. There are a plethora of everyday household products that might pollute your air. During the Christmas season, when visitors are expected, the risk increases.

Perhaps you have a relative who smokes despite your repeated requests. Perhaps you open a window even if it’s pouring because it gets too stuffy when a large group of people arrives. Perhaps some of the contaminants in your home are usually present, but you show no symptoms of allergies to them. Asbestos, chemicals present in new carpets or furniture, and even insecticides are examples of these toxins. You never know who among your visitors may be allergic to these pollutants.

Cleaning your HVAC system guarantees that your home’s air is vented and filtered appropriately. A clean HVAC will assist in lowering the contaminants in your home, allowing you and your guests to breathe cleaner, fresher air.

Smell More of What You Want to Smell
Thousands of smells are likely to invade your home from the start of the Thanksgiving season to the end of the New Year. Stinky houseguests, piles of dirty laundry, and food odors may all linger in your home for a long time. The more diverse odors you add, the worse it gets.

Do you expect visitors to bring their pets into your normally pet-free home? Will your relatives bring their signature recipes, which are laden with fragrant spices, to Thanksgiving?

Keeping your HVAC system clean can help to ensure that odors are adequately filtered out of your home. This will help keep your home smelling fresh from one holiday to the next, regardless of how many guests and how long they stay.

Increase Your Efficiency
Regularly cleaning your HVAC system and dryer duct will keep your air fresh and your home secure. It can also help these household devices run more efficiently.

The accumulation of lint in dryer ducts increases the risk of fires and impacts the amount and quality of air that enters your dryer. Maintaining a clean and clear dryer duct will help it function correctly, providing you with fresh, clean, and dry clothes after each wash.

For your HVAC system to perform correctly, one must clean it regularly.
Your air filters will become clogged as a result of a buildup of dirt and debris. This will not only prevent your HVAC system from providing you with fresh, clean air but can have an impact on the flow of air through the system. A dirty HVAC system can harm your heating system’s efficiency. You’ll have to operate your furnace for extended periods, which will raise your heating expenditures.

Unseasonably warm weather or the influence of too many home visitors may make you want to turn up the thermostat. You won’t get the rapid, cold air you want until your system is clean and pure. Cleaning your home’s air system is much more necessary if you reside in a place where the weather is warm all year, such as Brevard County, Florida.

Getting Regular HVAC and Dryer Duct Cleanings
Cleaning your HVAC system and dryer ducts regularly is critical. It’s even more so during the busy holiday season. You can avoid fires, a stinky home, poor air quality, and other problems by arranging house cleaning early. To schedule an HVAC system or dryer duct cleaning or learn more about our services, contact us today!

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