It can be scary when the air conditioner in your Indialantic, FL, home starts making strange noises and you aren’t sure what’s causing it. Fortunately, most noises are only a sign of minor problems. Below are the four most common AC noises and how to address each one.

AC Buzzing

If you hear your AC buzzing, then pay attention to see if you can also hear any popping. Buzzing noises that aren’t followed by any popping can signal that your HVAC system has a few electrical issues to take care of. If you do hear popping after you hear buzzing, then you could have a malfunctioning fan motor.

Clicking from AC System

Clicking noises are sometimes due to a failing relay or another minor electrical issue. With that said, you should treat every electrical issue as purely a job for a professional. Stay away from DIY troubleshooting efforts if you hear clicking noises coming from your AC, and don’t hesitate to call a professional electrician or HVAC technician.

Squealing and Screeching

When pressure builds up inside of your AC’s compressor, the resulting discharge sometimes creates a high-pitched whistling or squealing noise. If the problem is with your fan motor, then you’ll hear a slightly different screeching type of noise. Regardless of which high-pitched noise you hear, it’s best to shut off your air conditioner and have a professional HVAC technician out to look at some possible upgrades.


Banging noises can be jarring, and you need to take these sounds seriously. Most banging noises come from issues with your air conditioner’s motor or the blower assembly. If you have a loose motor mount, then the banging may get louder and louder until you have it fixed.

Noises coming from your AC are there to alert you that something is wrong. If you’ve recently heard any banging, screeching, squealing or popping, then one of our technicians can help. Reach out to Coastal Climate Experts today to book your AC repair appointment before things get any worse.

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