Do some rooms in your Melbourne, Florida home feel perfectly comfortable while others are too hot or too cold? If this is happening in your home, your current HVAC system isn’t working efficiently. The good news is that there are multiple solutions to get rid of hot and cold spots in your home like air balancing and ductless mini-splits.

Hot and Cold Spot Solution: Air Balance Your System

Uneven heating or cooling is often caused by unbalanced airflow. If this is the case, it’s important to contact an expert technician to run tests and examine your HVAC system’s air circulation. Once your technician has determined this to be the problem, then he or she can adjust your unit to ensure the proper amount of air is distributed evenly to each room in your home. Air balancing your system guarantees maximum comfort and improves your unit’s performance.

Switch to Ductless Mini-Splits

Another common cause for uneven heating and cooling is the size of your system. If your HVAC unit is too small for your home, then it will be overworked trying to maintain an even and comfortable temperature, which can eventually lead to bigger problems down the road. Changing from a central unit to ductless mini-splits can be a helpful solution also.

Ductless units are designed to cool or heat a single room at a time. Since they work individually from each other, each family member can adjust a room’s temperature to their specific liking hence meeting everyone’s comfort needs. Even better, when no one is home, or a room is empty, then there is no need to keep the unit turned on. As a result, by going ductless, you’ll be able to increase indoor comfort and lower energy bills all at once.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

If you have determined that your system’s airflow or size isn’t the problem, then it is time to schedule professional maintenance. An expert will be able to examine your system for leaky ductwork or other signs of wear and tear that might be causing the issue. Schedule HVAC maintenance to avoid bigger repairs in the future and to keep your home’s temperature even through every room.

Give our team at Coastal Climate Expert a call to schedule an appointment today. Our technicians are trained to assess the problem and provide effective solutions to ensure you and your family enjoy maximum comfort through every season.

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