A heat pump offers an innovative, inexpensive way to heat and cool homes and businesses throughout Merritt Island, Florida. Instead of using energy to generate heat, heat pumps use a small amount of energy to move heat from one place to another. During the summer, the flow of refrigerant is set to extract heat from indoors and expel it outside. During the winter, reversing the flow extracts heat from the outdoor air and brings it inside.

Just like standard heating and air conditioning units, heat pump components include air filters, fans, coils, a condensate system and vents. Regular maintenance helps keep the system working properly and efficiently. There are several maintenance tasks that homeowners can do to keep heat pumps in good working order.

Keep Heat Pump HVAC Air Filters Clean

Cleaning the HVAC filter regularly is one of the most effective homeowner maintenance tasks. Air filters keep particulates from entering the system. When HVAC filters get clogged, airflow decreases. In addition, debris may settle on coils and other components. Decreased airflow affects heat exchange. This overtaxes the compressor, which may cause the unit to stop working.

Check Condensate System

The condensate drain channels moisture out of the system. If it gets clogged, water will overflow the drip pan. You may not notice until floors or other components of the building are damaged. In addition, clogged condensate drains breed mold and bacteria. Check the condensate system frequently to make sure water flows freely through the drain.

Inspect and Clean Vents

Vents channel air into and out of the living space. Check them frequently for dust, spider webs, and moisture. If you find moisture on the registers, it is important to find the source. A professional HVAC contractor has the expertise to find and correct moisture problems.

Contact Coastal Climate Experts

Although homeowners can do simple maintenance on heat pumps, it is best to have a professional thoroughly check the system at least once a year. The trained technicians at Coastal Climate Experts of Melbourne, Florida, offer a multi-point checkup that evaluates the entire system. Our annual maintenance plans keep your equipment running smoothly, resulting in lower utility bills and better performance.

To find out more about our maintenance and repair services, call to speak to one of our technicians at (321) 795-0422.

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