Many people in the Melbourne, Florida, area are unfamiliar with volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. You may, however, have felt the symptoms of these compounds in your home. Learn the common symptoms of VOCs, what these compounds are, how they harm your air quality, and what you can do to get rid of them from your home.

Sick Building Syndrome

You may have heard of the term “sick building syndrome,” also referred to as “sensory irritation symptoms.” These are the symptoms you develop after regular, long-term exposure to VOCs in the air. The symptoms are particularly caused by high concentrations of formaldehyde and can include eye irritation and respiratory problems. In very extreme cases, they can contribute to cancer.

Headaches, Lack of Balance, and Nausea

When exposed to VOCs for an extended time, you may find that you suffer from unexplained headaches, you’re nauseous, and you feel off balance. These symptoms are sometimes mistaken for the common cold or a flu bug, but they can also be the result of poisoning from volatile organic chemicals.

Agitated Allergies

Poor air quality in your home can contribute to allergy symptoms. If your allergies are worse than usual, especially when it’s not allergy season, you could be sensitive to something in the air, like a VOC created by cleaners, hygiene and beauty products, or even the air fresheners you use in your house, all of which can emit toxic gases into the air.

Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness

Though this is only related to very long-term exposure to high levels of VOCs, there have been cases where VOCs have been linked to cancer, damage to the liver and kidneys, and even damage to the central nervous system of those exposed. This can take years or even a lifetime of exposure, but if you are suffering symptoms of a serious illness, you may want to have your air quality checked.

If you’d like more information or advice on improving your indoor air quality and removing VOCs from your home, Coastal Climate Experts can help. Give us a call for an appointment today.

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