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One often overlooked element of your HVAC system is the V. The V stands for ventilation and it does a big job and shouldn’t be overlooked. Ventilators not only circulate the air but they also act as air purifiers and humidifiers. When your ventilator isn’t working properly, it will negatively impact your indoor air quality. If your house feels stuffy or everyone is often sick, you should call Coastal Climate Experts so we can check the indoor air quality of your home.

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Air Oasis Air Purification System

If you’re looking for an air purifier to keep your homes air fresh and clean, an Air Oasis Air purification system is the perfect choice. Using Air Oasis’ AHPCO® ionization technology, this filterless HVAC air purifier eliminates pollutants such as mold, viruses, and bacteria. Call us today to learn how Air Oasis can keep the air in your home clean and your family healthy year round.

The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is essential for good health. As Americans, we spend so much time indoors, that we’re constantly exposed to indoor pollutants that trigger allergic reactions, even in people who don’t have allergies. Some of these reactions include itchy and burning eyes, headaches, tiredness and more.

When you have a good HVAC system with clean air filters, your air won’t have as many pollutants. Your system also helps keep the air at a comfortable moisture level for our airways. When any of these systems aren’t functioning together, you may end up sick or at the very least uncomfortable.

How Coastal Climate Experts Can Help

During our semi-annual HVAC system maintenance, we check to make sure that your air filters are clean. If you have an air purifier, we’ll check that it is operating properly. We’ll also clean it so it can operate at its highest efficiency. Should we find an issue, we’ll advise you as to the repair necessary to keep your IAQ high. We know that too much moisture in the air contributes to bacterial growth while too little can be a breeding ground for viruses, neither of which are good for your health.

What You Can Do

If you want to keep your air quality high between visits from Coastal Climate Experts, try these tips

  • Avoid using high VOC products when cleaning and painting
  • Change your air filters
  • Take your shoes off when entering the home to avoid tracking pollen and chemicals through your home.
  • Use exhaust fans when cooking and showering
  • Don’t smoke inside your home

Indoor air quality should be a concern as there are so many pollutants both inside and outside our homes. Keeping yours clean inside can contribute positively to your overall health and keep you feeling good.

If you are interested in cleaner indoor air, we carry indoor air quality products that can be attached to your current heating and cooling system. Call today if you’d like more information about improved indoor air quality for your Satellite Beach, Indian Harbor Beach, Indialantic, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Palm Bay, Port St. John, FL or surrounding area home or business.

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