Heat Pumps

Why Service Your Heat Pump?

If you’re looking to service your heat pump then you have a specific goal in mind, such as increasing the energy efficiency of your home or preventing your existing heat pump from failing in the middle of the summer, especially with the Florida heat. It’s crucial to rule out mechanical faults and duct-related issues before continuing. When servicing your heat pump be sure to think about the following factors.

  • Cost of Ownership
  • Heat Pump Life Expectancy
  • A Cool Breeze & Peace of Mind



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heat pump installation

Cost of Ownership

Running and maintaining an outdated heat pump can be quite expensive. A replacement might reduce your costs if your energy use and maintenance fees are on the rise. Our professionals will swiftly and accurately identify the problem and explain it to you so that you are aware. Servicing your heat pump and AC unit could save you a ton in the long run. 

Increase Life Expectancy

When it comes to air conditioning equipment, a well-built, well-maintained unit typically lasts 12 to 17 years. That being said age doesn’t necessarily justify a reason to replace something, it can balance the scale in your favor. If you’re dealing with expensive maintenance or ongoing comfort issues then it getting your heat pump services may be a worthwhile investment long term.

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Cool Breeze & Peace of Mind

Servicing your heat pump will not only improve your energy efficiently in your home. It will also give you a cool breeze and peace of mind for the future. Contact Costal Climate Experts to get your heat pump serviced in Melbourne FL. Beat the heat with ease and breeze.

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