Summers in Rockledge, FL, are long, hot and oppressive, with air conditioners humming for the long summer months. Naturally, having the AC on all day, every day lowers efficiency and runs up your electric bill. Here are five tips for maintaining efficiency during hotter weather.

1. Avoid Hot Tasks

During the daylight hours, avoid tasks that produce heat, such as cooking or using the dishwasher. These tasks make it hotter in your home and cause your AC to work harder. One suggestion to cook enough for several meals at a time.

2. Clean Air Filters

Dirty air filters not only impact your indoor air quality but also wreak havoc with the efficiency of your AC system. When you have clogged air filters, this causes your system to work harder, which causes more wear and tear and leads to lower energy efficiency.

3. Close Curtains

Keeping your curtains closed during the day is another way to keep your home cooler. If you wish to have curtains open for sunlight, make sure you choose a window that only brings in indirect sunlight. This way, you won’t have the sun heating your home through the windows and putting strain on your AC system.

4. Maintain Your Cooling System

Your AC system needs routine maintenance to maintain energy efficiency. A professional technician can detect any faults and replace anything that’s too worn down.

5. Shelter Your AC

Your air conditioner needs shelter from the sun as well. Like yourself, your AC doesn’t run as efficiently when it’s roasting in the sun all day long. You can use an awning, a privacy screen or hedges that are a few feet away to block the sun from certain angles.

You rely on your air conditioner to see you through the summer, but your air conditioner relies on you, too. Contact Coastal Climate Experts today for all your air conditioning needs.

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