If the air conditioner in your home in Merritt Island, Florida, is showing signs of aging, it may be time to replace it with one of the new energy-efficient HVAC systems on the market. However, with new cooling and heating technologies available, you may have a hard time choosing the right model for your home. You can narrow down your choices by looking for HVAC units with these three important features:

SEER Rating

The energy efficiency of HVAC systems has improved tremendously over the past decade, and most of the models available today consume significantly less energy than older air conditioners. The minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating for our area is 15 or higher. Higher SEER-rated systems are available which are even more energy-efficient but are more expensive.

Variable-Speed Compressor

Most older HVAC units run only at full capacity when you turn them on, but many new systems come with a variable-speed compressor. With this type of compressor, an air conditioner can minimize temperature fluctuations and reduce the amount of energy it uses to adequately cool or warm your home. Since it operates at incremental speeds without turning off, it’s able to maintain a constant temperature in your home.

Indoor Air Quality Enhancer

Poor indoor air quality can result in a wide range of illnesses, from nose and throat irritation to chronic respiratory problems. Some new HVAC systems have an advanced filtration system or a built-in air purifier or dehumidifier for reducing dust, pollen, bacteria, and other contaminants in your indoor air. Investing in an air conditioner with these features can help you create a healthier environment in your home.

HVAC systems with advanced features may cost a bit more, but they’re worth the extra money because of the great benefits they bring. If you’re looking for a high-quality HVAC system with the above-mentioned features, contact Coastal Climate Experts at (321) 795-0422 to learn about your options.

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