Life in Satellite Beach, FL, can become uncomfortable without functioning heating and air conditioning. Experts normally recommend biannual maintenance to homeowners: once in autumn for the heating system, and once in spring for the AC. The benefits of HVAC maintenance are many and include a more efficient, long-lasting system and lower utility bills.

1. Keeps Your System Energy-Efficient

Without maintenance, an HVAC system becomes less efficient and will, for instance, run longer to reach your set point. This happens to ACs with dirty evaporator coils, which cannot effectively absorb heat from the circulating air. Most professional tune-ups will cover coil cleaning.

Short-cycling also makes for an inefficient system, and the causes can range from refrigerant leaks and air leaks to dirty filters and wiring problems. Maintenance will prevent all of these, leaving you with a system that runs for just as long as it needs to. You may see a decrease in your monthly bill, too.

2. Fewer Repairs and a Longer Life Span

Every HVAC system develops wear and tear, and if left unchecked, this wear and tear manifests itself in airflow issues, overheating, and more. More than a few maintenance tasks can help in preventing these: for example, filter replacement and coil cleaning to prevent airflow issues, and parts lubrication to prevent overheating.

Less wear and tear means less need for repairs and a better chance for your HVAC system to last a good 15 or 20 years. You save a lot in the long run, then.

3. Healthier Indoor Air

The cleanings that form a part of maintenance can positively impact your indoor air quality. No longer will asthma and allergy sufferers have to deal with polluted air. For even greater results, though, many customers will purchase air purifiers or other IAQ systems.

Maintenance Done to Your Satisfaction

Coastal Climate Experts is ready to provide HVAC maintenance to anyone in Satellite Beach, FL, so contact us today. We have BBB accreditation and a perfect A+ rating.

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